About the company

Welcome to the website of Saaremaa Dairy (Saaremaa Piimatööstus)!

MO Saaremaa is entirely owned by the farmers of our islands and their families. Those who care about animals, nature and pure flavours. The flavour of untouched nature, meadows bursting with unique vegetation, and longer summers.

We do our best to value milk collected on the islands and ensure environmentally-friendly milk production and processing on one of the largest islands in the Baltic Sea.

Saaremaa Dairy buys up milk from the islands and produces cheese, butter and dairy products using this milk. Our product portfolio includes Estonia’s most beloved butter, the exclusive Old Saare cheese, and organic milk exhaling pure nature.

We are sending you greetings from the sunniest island in Estonia and would like to thank you for being a consumer of the products of Saaremaa Dairy.


1569 y

First written record of cheesemaking in the Maasi castle region, Saaremaa.

1843 y

Since 1843, cheesemaking in Saaremaa has been continuously recorded.

1870-1910 y

There were nearly 50 manor dairies in Saaremaa, many of which produced cheese.

1912-1913 y

First dairy cooperatives in Saaremaa were established in Valjala and Püha.

1950 y

Saaremaa dairy associations were nationalised and butter factories were established.

1965 y

The central factory of the Manufacturing Company was opened in Kuressaare.

1975 y

Saaremaa Dairy Products Manufacturing Company and Kingissepa Meat Manufacturing Company (Kingissepa Lihakombinaat) were merged and reorgnised into Saaremaa Meat and Dairy Manufacturing Company (Saaremaa Liha- ja Piimatootmiskombinaat), headed by the Director General Ahti Viilup.
The long-term reconstruction and expansion of the dairy industry commenced.

1995 y

The industry was privatised by the farmers of Saaremaa. Saaremaa Meat and Dairy Association (Saaremaa Liha- ja Piimaühistu) was established.

2007 y

The dairy factory became independent – the meat factory was sold.

2012 y

The new butter plant starts operating.

2020 y

 In 2020, the Elopak line was launched, in connection with which acidified buttermilk and Öko organic whole milk in new environmentally friendly packaging came to the market.
In September 2020, a unique product was launched on the market – Fat-free lactose-free curd in a plastic cup with a large mouth.
In October 2020, in addition to organic milk, whole milk also began to be packaged. In the same month, cranberry and blackcurrant berry-soup was launched.


2021 5% curd began to be packaged in a cup with a large mouth.
In April 2021, the company AC Nielsen recognized Mo Saaremaa whole milk with the “Best new Launch” award. In addition, the magazine “Oma Maitse” won the title of Saaremaa or the best milk product, and Mo Saaremaa ÖKO Mahetäispiima was awarded the title of the best organic product.
In June 2021, a project carried out with the support of KIK was completed, during which electricity and steam savings were achieved through the recovery of residual energy. Thanks to this, the ecological footprint of the company was reduced.
In July 2021, a new milk reception was completed with 2 new 80-ton raw milk tanks.
In November 2021, the renovated cheese line started working with 3 boilers and a tower pre-press, as well as a new mold washing machine and a new loading station.

Our story

We believe in our products, we believe in the unique nature of the islands, we believe that our growth should not bring value only to our owners, the farmers of the islands, but that it should also improve the lives of people, positively surprise our clients, offer opportunities for exciting challenges to our colleagues, and create a great sense of community.

The yellow colour and flavour of a longer summer.

Sandy beach, sun, yellow flowers – most Estonians associate Saaremaa and Hiiumaa with holiday, the summer, the Midsummer’s Day. Estonian islands are something beyond the sea, the exotic, a ferry ride. Time off. Junipers and pastures. The sea, windmills, smoked fish. The yellow cheese and butter from Saaremaa.

All the best... that’s what we have

  • We are proud of our organic products.
  • We have the best butter in Estonia, the award-winning Old Saare cheese, and organic milk.

Cooperation. It’s a cooperative. Our very own.

The company is owned by the farmers. This means that by buying MO Saaremaa products, you support the farmers of the islands, their families, their jobs, and sustainable business. We control each step from the cow to the finished product.

A better future for our children, sustainable business, and richness of species

Animal husbandry is based on animal welfare. Animals should be able to behave as naturally as possible and feed on suitable feed. When choosing our packaging and developing our products, we are conscious about making sure that summers and the four seasons continue in the future.


Saaremaa Dairy is owned by the farmers of the islands, which is how we control the whole chain from the pastures where the cows graze to the quality of the finished product. Raw ingredients are harvested for production from nearby, so the milk is fresh and “lightly shaken”.

Read more about our owners here: www.mosaaremaa.ee

Our products have the advantage of using raw ingredients produced in an environmentally and ecologically cleaner environment as well as of following the long-term experience of qualified specialists and good manufacturing practices. Following the launch of the automated cheese line and the new butter line, we are one of the most contemporary production companies in Estonia.


Saaremaa Dairy has obtained the following certificates:

  • Certificate FSSC 22000, which consists of ISO 22000 and ISO/TS 22002-1 standards and ISO 45001 certificate.
  • Organic
  • The organic whole milk of Saaremaa Dairy is the Best Dairy Product in Estonia 2019
  • Old Saare cheese of Saaremaa Dairy is the Best Food Product in Estonia 2017


Saaremaa Piimatööstus is the largest organic producer in Estonia. Organic milk from the largest islands in the Baltic Sea produces both milk and cheese. Many organic farms on the islands raise Estonian red and Estonian native cattle. The Estonian native cattle are the oldest breeding dairy cattle in Estonia, adapted from local aboriginal herds, whose milk is “darker and sweeter”, with a high content of fat, protein, and lactose. Due to good fodder value, the herd needs 20-24% less manure storage, which means that their ecological footprint is smaller. The Estonian herd is part of the cultural heritage of our country and people.

Saaremaa Dairy Ltd